Graphics 22 Signs understands the changing times we are in.


Let us help ease the transition of opening / adjusting your business with comfortable Full Face Shields

and Custom Sneeze Guards for every situation and area.

Full Face Shields

Do you need PPE for your employees or work crews? Do you find masks uncomfortable for you to wear? Foggy glasses? Hard to breathe? Are you touching your face, adjusting your mask that is ill-fitted?

Our full face mask are made solely of 2 acrylic/pvc components, no foam or elastic to get contaminated. They clean up easily and are comfortable to wear. This face shield fits like a pair of glasses.

If you have a small head you can add a hairband or rubber band to the back with the tightness you require.  We provide quantity discounts, with quick turnaround.

Sneeze Guards

Our custom sneeze guards can either attached permanently or stand with legs and move around where you need them.  We customize to your size and needs.

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