UV printing has become an industry standard because of its simplicity and efficiency. While there are many methods available for making signage that satisfies all the regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, UV printing is considered by many experts to be the best.  With 3 US patents backing up the process proving its validity and ADA compliance.  Our Elite™ UV cured ADA signs are your “go-to” for durable and versatile ADA signs.

Using the UV process to manufacture ADA signs not only produces a vandal-resistant signs but the raised text and braille, using UV light, become and integral part of the background, essentially creating a one piece sign.  This also means that there is no paint to scratch or degrade.  UV cured ADA signs are rated for outdoor use and carry a normal 2 year warranty, free from defects.

Graphics 22 Signs’ Elite™ UV ADA signs offers an ADA-compliant line of quality constructed signage. Plus, provides increased durability and are vandal-resistance.  Ask for a sample today!

Family owned since 1992, Graphics 22 Signs’ staff of artists and experienced installers will implement a solution that meets your precise needs – – providing quality service, dedication to detail and on-time delivery.

Contact a qualified customer service representative at Graphics 22 Signs now to discuss the design and development of your ADA signage needs.