What To Do When You Need ADA Compliant Sign

If you find all the ADA compliance regulations a bit confusing, don’t worry.  A professional sign company, like Graphics 22 Signs, Inc. understands the rules and can help you order what you need.

Regulations passed in 1990 with the Americans with Disabilities Act require all businesses to have ADA compliant Wayfinding signs. According to the ADA, all organizations open to the public must provide equal access to the disabled. This regulation includes businesses such as restaurants, stores, and theaters as well as public access buildings, like libraries.

Installing ADA compliant wayfinding signs is necessary for a business to get their Certificate of Occupancy. Many companies don’t think about ADA signs until faced with a violation, yet they should. ADA compliant signs allow businesses to serve all clients regardless of ability. This accommodation is noble and serves the greater good.

What does it mean to have ADA Compliant Signs?ADA Sign

ADA compliance involves several factors.

  • The height and placement of the wayfinding sign.
  • Use of Braille or tactile letters.
  • Easy to read colors and fonts.

Do All Signs Need to be ADA Compliant?

Not all business signs must comply with ADA  regulations. Exterior signs remain exempt, as well as pylon signs. The types of signage that require compliance are mostly interior signs.

  • Bathroom Signs
  • Regulatory signs (Stairs, Exit, Area of Rescue)
  • Room Identification Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs

Acceptable Design for ADA Compliant Wayfinding Signs

According to the guide on the ADA website, wayfinding signs should meet the following regulations.

  • Signs should be high-contrast – light on dark, or dark on light.
  • Large fonts without decoration to make them easier to read.
  • All Braille and tactile lettering must follow guidelines regarding character size and spacing.
  • Bathroom signs and Entrance signs must be placed next to the door.
  • International Symbol of Access Signs cannot deviate from the official symbol. This rule would include signs such as the one put on accessible parking spaces.

This doesn’t mean that your ADA sign can’t be visually appealing. Check out our gallery to see the variety that still meet ADA compliancy

Included is a link to a quick guide to ADA Sign Compliancy you can download and print.